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Cuda Parts Washers

​Cuda USA Automatic Aqueous Parts Washers: A Better Way to Clean

Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers --- The safe, automatic solvent-free parts washing solution.  Rugged, high-capacity Cuda Automatic Parts Washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents to safely blast away dirt, grease and grime while you're doing more important productive work.  Cuda specializes exclusively in parts washers and accessories.  You can count on Cuda to be the innovators in parts washers.  The bottom line is you not only get top performance, you get more standard features and options than with any other brand.  With Cuda, you simply load the parts, close the roll-in door and push START.  A single Cuda parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand.

  • Cuda USA automatic parts washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts because they eliminate the need for harmful cleaning solvents.

  • Cuda USA automatic parts washers are aqueous based, industrial size washers that use high pressure jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far more efficient than washing parts by hand.

  • Cuda USA Parts Washers Are Solvent-Free Safe and Can Create up to $20,000 a Year in Additional Billable Hours

  • Cuda USA brings together the design expertise of Kärcher, the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, and of Cuda, North America’s most trusted name in parts cleaning ruggedness. The Kärcher-Cuda line of automatic aqueous parts washers has provided a safe and time-saving cleaning solution for thousands of repair shops and other businesses for nearly 15 years.

  • Cuda USA automatic parts washers eliminate the use of hazardous solvent cleaners

  • Unlike solvent-based parts washers, Kärcher-Cuda automatic parts washers use a combination of 170° soapy water and the scouring action of jet sprays, which clean parts faster and more efficiently than manual, solvent-based sinks.

  • Thousands of customers have switched from dangerous solvents to the safe and time-saving cleaning of automatic aqueous parts wahers that are designed to handle all sizes of parts.

  • Cuda USA automatic parts washers are safe for your workers, safe for the environment and safe for your company. You now have the peace of mind that your company is no longer at risk due to the liability of having to handle and dispose of hazardous solvent cleaning solutions.

  • Cuda USA versatility makes our automatic parts washers popular in many industries. From auto repair shops to printing presses, Kärcher-Cuda parts washers provide a worker-safe, labor-efficient and enviro-friendly solution to the messy, sometimes hazardous, task of cleaning parts. These “industrial dishwashers” completely eliminate the need for solvent cleaners and hand washing.

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