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At EnergyLogic, we're changing the way people think about used oil!
EnergyLogic, formerly Black Gold Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of used oil heaters and boilers. With all energy prices including Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Propane, and Electric prices on the rise, more and more people are investing in used oil heaters and used oil boilers to not only reduce, but in many cases, eliminate their heating costs. All of our products are UL-listed and meet or exceed all EPA regulations.

The idea is simple : Use your used oil as a fuel source! In other words "FREE HEAT" for as long as you are generating waste oil.
Each gallon of used oil generates 140,000 BTU's of energy, that is more than home heating oil. With Energy Logic used oil heaters and boilers, you can take used oil that would otherwise discarded as waste and convert it into a valuable source of energy - heat, hot water, or both for your business. By reclaiming your used oil, you avoid the hassle and liablity of traditional hauling and save money on energy costs at the same time. In fact, it's not unusual for Energy Logic heaters and boilers to pay for themselves in as little as a year - an impressive return on an already wise investment.

Energy Savings - reduce your energy cost by utilizing the BTU content in waste oil versus buying other forms of conventional energy.

All EnergyLogic heaters and boilers come with more standard features than any other product on the market and carry the industry's most comprehensive warranty. They operate as reliably as conventional heaters, require minimal routine maintenance and are built to last.

Contact us for more information on Energy Logic Heaters and Boilers.

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