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> Macro Air – HVLS Fans
Air Motion Sciences – HVLS Smart Fans
Cool-Space – Evaporative Cooling Fans

High volume, low speed (HVLS) fans will reduce your facility heating and cooling expenses all year round. Manufactured by the inventor and market leader MacroAir, these highly efficient fans can save 25% or more of your heating expense by destratifying the shop air from floor to ceiling and evenly heating throughout your facility.  In the warmer months, even if your space is not air conditioned, the constant movement of air in the entire shop creates an apparent cooling effect where it feels up to eight to 10 degrees cooler than actual temperature.

EnergyLogic and MacroAir have partnered to serve the automotive channel, bringing experience and expertise to provide the greenest and most cost effective means to address facility energy expense and employee comfort. EnergyLogic has incorporated HVLS fans in facility projects for years and has tested every brand of HVLS fan on the market.

In our experiences, MacroAir was the clear winner by providing the best value, more air movement and is the most economical to operate. Supported by MacroAir’s 12 year warranty, it is no surprise that only MacroAir has been approved by every major automotive brand’s equipment program in the United States.

Year-round savings

Reduce heating and cooling costs by 25%.

Get comfortable with MacroAir fans

Continuous air circulation and mixing creates a more comfortable environment.

HVLS fans constructed for performance

From design to construction, Macro-Air HVLS fans are made for performance.

Standards that matter

For installation, warranty, compliance and certification Macro-Air HVLS fans lead the way.

Lifetime warranty on blades, hubs and frames / 12 year service life limited warranty
  • Installation ready with the necessary components, hang it and power the control panel

  • Six blade design moves more air, uses less power than old style ten blade designs

  • Forward, reverse and variable speed drives

  • Anodized blades, dozens of custom powder coat colors available

  • Optional downrods available in 1' increments from 2 to 10'


BIG FANs (HVLS – High Velocity Low Speed Fans)

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